Full Scale IQ Cognitive Training

IQ training app to raise your IQ and increase cognitive ability.

Speed of processing training, working memory training, fluid intelligence

training, spatial intelligence training.

Evidence based cognitive training to push your limits, rewire your brain and get smarter.

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GOALS TO ATTAIN & Problems To Solve

The circuitry of your brain is neuroplastic: you can rewire it with evidence-based brain training


Attain maximum cognitive potential. Upgrade your brain and find your limits.


Faster, more productive and innovative college or work performance.


Increase your IQ to 115 – the top 16%. Or increase your IQ to 130 – Mensa standard.

IQ Bell Curve


Preparing for a cognitive challenge: a test, interview, course or training.


Track progress with valid IQ and cognitive performance tests.


Boost confidence in your ability to learn, problem solve & comprehend.


The i3 Mindware App How it works

3 modules. Engineered by cognitive neuroscientists. Four decades of research.


Full Scale IQ Problems Module

Full Scale IQ Problems Module

Optional 40 sets of full scale IQ test problems to practice & develop strategies

gCore Training Module

gCore Training Module

The gated DNB (2G+) formula: Dual n-back working memory training with executive attention control training for long-term neuroplasticity gains in prefrontal cortical hubs. Click for details.

Tracking IQ Gains Module

Tracking IQ Gains Module

Optional cognitive neuroscience tests to track your 5-factor IQ gains from training

i3 Modules Screenshots

Screenshots of the three modules of the i3 Mindware brain training app

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i3 Mindware training A different approach

3 modules. Hand-crafted by cognitive neuroscientists. Four decades of research.

Beyond Placebo

Many interventions for health & performance are heavily marketed, offering quick fixes. Some real science may be added to the mix, but in a way that is poorly understood or misapplied. Lifestyle bloggers often depend heavily on the placebo effect. We go well beyond this.

Up To Speed

Many evidence-based brain training providers suffer from the problem of academic conservatism. They fall behind the curve of newly evolving directions and insights. IQ Mindware apps, coaching methods and educational content is agile, topical & evolving.

IQ Guarantee

We are the only company that will money-back guarantee a 10-20 point IQ increase on standardized IQ tests – either full scale or culture-fair. We offer this guarantee because of the data we’ve collected from users and the fact that i3 Mindware training results in real neuroplasticity gains.

g Blog

g = general intelligence

We offer evidence-based educational content on our g Blog.

Explore our blog posts on increasing IQ and cognitive training.

When you train with i3 Mindware software, ensure that you maximize the ‘core dual n-back training’ effect by

brain training fluid intelligence results

  Summary A study published this month in the prestigious journal Intelligence has shown: Cognitive training combined with exercise results

Not following through with your intentions or commitments is one of the major obstacles for effective brain training.

We know from an often skeptical press that many brain training apps do not work beyond practice effects specific to

gated dual n-back

Here I explain how the gated dual n-back (gated DNB) innovation is a critical advance on classic dual n-back training.

SuperSmart has a great (not to be taken too seriously) feature entitled 'The 30 Smartest People Alive Today', where

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