High End IQ Training: 130-150 IQ Score for Peak Cognitive Performance

Mensa, Entrance Exams, Career Tests & Self Quantification

2G n-back training has proven brain-training effectiveness, with significant IQ gains. Read more about 2G. Click for more details.

The PsiProfiler self-quantification plugin for i3 Mindware provides full spectrum IQ & cognitive tests, pre and post-training. Click for more details.

We guarantee a 10-20 point IQ increase, and a 50% memory increase in 20 days. Anything less – we refund you immediately. Click for more details.

My IQ was 115 on the Cattell Culture Fair III before training. After training my IQ was measured at 134 on the WAIS-IV.”  Click for more details.

“I have seen many similar companies, so to be honest I did not expect much in the beginning, but I am impressed – I like your approach and I think you are actually putting emphasis on exactly the interventions that work.” Yoni Donner, Stanford University

“When I did the tests before starting with your software last year in the pre tests it said 127 and after the software in the 138-140 range and I really enjoyed using it.”  C. Keddie

“Continue creating great products.  In less than 20 days of using i3 I could tell a marked improvement in my ability to block distractions and focus which in turn allowed me to keep more items in my workspace.” Joshua Bridges  

“I needed to take the Ravens test for work. I trained with your software and online tutorial & it paid off. I’d recommend this software.” C Leiba

“I work with data and numbers all day long and your software has made it easier for me to come up with solutions for problems I run into at work. Thank you for a great product!” B. Oakes

i3 Mindware v.4: IQ Increase Training Software

Increase IQ 10-20 Points. Increase Working Memory >50%. Improve overall cognitive functioning & brain health. Details of the combined i3 and PsiProfiler app package here.


Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D.  Dr Ashton Smith obtained a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and neuroscience from the joint Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh University Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) programFor a number of years he was a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in the Experimental Psychology Department at the University of Cambridge, England, before helping to build psychology programs internationally. His academic publications are on attention, motivation and interventions  His personal website and vitae can be found here.

Dr. Ashton Smith is scientist who places a high value on self-quantification- measuring pre- and post-training health, resilience & performance outcomes of cognitive interventions to better optimize results, and provide insights for rigorous lab based work.


Yoni Donner
Yoni Donner. Yoni is psychology Ph.D student at Stanford University. He conceived, designed, and leads the Quantified Mind project. Quantified Mind scientifically quantifies the effects of interventions on our cognitive processes to discover what makes us smarter.

Yoni is a meta-optimizer and proponent of radical life extension and better living through science. His background is in Bayesian statistics, probabilistic graphical models and machine learning, and he currently does AI research at Google.

The i3 Mindware plugin – PsiProfiler – integrates a number of tests from the Quantified Mind test battery, enabling users to track their cognitive gains on multiple dimensions of performance while providing data for intervention research and development.

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