Crystallized Intelligence (Gc) Definition

Crystallized intelligence can be thought of as our knowledge bank – the product of what we invest our fluid intelligence into learning and knowing about. It is our crystallized knowledge – not our fluid reasoning and analysis.


Definition of Crystallized Intelligence (Gc)

Crystallized intelligence (Gc) is defined as:

Gc is typically described as a person’s breadth and depth of acquired knowledge of the language, information and concepts of a specific culture, and/or the application of this knowledge. Gc is primarily a store of verbal or language-based declarative (knowing what) and procedural (knowing how) knowledge acquired through the investment of other abilities during formal and informal educational and general life experiences. Dr. Kevin S. McGrew

Tests of Crystallized Intelligence

Language development, Lexical knowledge, Listening ability, General (verbal) information, Information about culture, Communication ability, Oral production and fluency, Grammatical sensitivity.


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