General Intelligence (G Factor) & The 5 Factors of IQ Defined

Your general intelligence  (called ‘G’ or the ‘G Factor’) can be defined as:

Your ability to reason, problem solve, decide, learn & act successfully in the pursuit of your valued goals.

General intelligence has  three basic dimensions – knowledge base, thinking skills & cognitive efficiency – made up of 5 factors. Click for the definitions of the different factors of IQ below.

knowledge base 

thinking skills 

cognitive efficiency 

5 Factors of ‘G’ (General Intelligence)

Fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence and working memory combine in

While all of the factors underlie your overall general intelligence:

With carefully selected IQ brainteasers in addition to different parameter settings for dual n-back training, i3 trains and improves each of these five factors of IQ, dramatically increasing your overall general intelligence level.



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