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How To Optimize Your i3 Dual N-Back Training

When you train with i3 Mindware software, ensure that you maximize the ‘core dual n-back training’ effect by adopting the following principles. Minimize going into ‘automatic pilot’ in the game. Ensure you are always putting in effort and the task is always challenging and absorbing. Ensure that you work at successfully ignoring distracting information – focusing on only what is needed for target ‘matches’. When interference is high, focus and keep your accuracy levels high. In the continuous stream of information, ensure that

Landmark February 2018 Study Shows IQ Increase from Brain Training

  Summary A study published this month in the prestigious journal Intelligence has shown: Cognitive training combined with exercise results in gains in fluid intelligence (visuospatial reasoning) – a key measure of IQ. Fitness only training did not bolster fluid intelligence performance. Individuals varied in benefits to fluid intelligence from mindfulness training. The research team concluded:   “Because fluid intelligence test scores predict real-world outcomes across the lifespan, boosting intelligence ability via multi-modal intervention that is effective even in young,

Effective Brain Training: Strategies To Overcome Akrasia & Follow Through

Not following through with your intentions or commitments is one of the major obstacles for effective brain training. For as long as training programs have been around to improve health or performance, we have been delaying, avoiding, and procrastinating with our training schedules. This article looks at some of the science behind what the ancient Greek philosophers called Akrasia – the failure of will and self-control where we act against our better judgement.

Latest N-Back Brain Training Studies: Effective Sleep and Training Synergy

We know from an often skeptical press that many brain training apps do not work beyond practice effects specific to the games themselves. But it’s clear from the steady stream of peer-reviewed cognitive neuroscience research that some types of brain training are effective for increasing IQ and focus (ref).    So what works? What brain training has so-called far-transfer to general cognitive abilities (as opposed to ‘narrow transfer’

Gated DNB: Input and Output Gating

Here I explain how the gated dual n-back (gated DNB) innovation is a critical advance on classic dual n-back training. Warning: some of the material is quite technical. Simply read up to the ‘Summary’ section at the beginning, and then skip down to the last Exec Summary paragraph, for the basic take-home.  In my dual n-back post I reviewed the evidence for the IQ augmenting benefits of dual n-back training, taking a closer look at the Johns Hopkins University DNB study

Dr Katsioulis’ 198 IQ Level. Definition of General Intelligence & 5 Factors of IQ

SuperSmart has a great (not to be taken too seriously) feature entitled ‘The 30 Smartest People Alive Today‘, where you can find a number of individuals with recorded IQ levels above 160. The World Genius Directory is perhaps the most up-to-date directory of super-IQs, including the 2013 ‘Genius of the Year’ winner for Europe, Dr Evangelos Katsioulis, famous for… Highest adult IQ in the world (2012): IQ 198  Highest adult IQ in the world (2010 –

Can Brain Training Increase Intelligence (G)? A Scientific Primer

Can brain training increase intelligence? This question has sparked off an animated debate going on among scientists, journalists, and social media pundits. I’ve been involved in an extended Quora debate on this topic myself recently. Who hasn’t been involved in this debate? I want to take the opportunity to clarify some key definitions that help us evaluate the claims, and then take a closer look at the evidence. This article is targeted at an audience who want to invest some effort into understanding

Cholinergic Nootropics – Guest Blog

Let me introduce you to Elite Nootropics, a dedicated nootropics ‘smart drug’ company based in Fort Collins Colorado, USA. In this guest post from Elite Nootropics below, the focus is on nootropics targeting the brain’s cholinergic system and the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Any comments on your experience with Piracetam or other nootropics are encouraged. We want to share these ‘mind hacking’ experiments, particularly if you have combined nootropics with an evidence-based brain training app such as  i3 Mindware. My own position on smart drugs is still

i3 Mindware Training To Improve Perception and Chunking

  There are 3 elements to i3 brain training: (1) Attention focus and chunking training; (2) Working memory training; (3) Executive function training. In this article we’re looking at the first of these. . Attention Focus & Chunking: Expert Perception Experts in any field differ from novices in their perception. More generally, smarter people have a better ability to quickly learn how to perceive a situation. Perception is an active process: we select and organise the data that bombards our senses