i3 Mindware 2G+ FAQs

What IQ gain is guaranteed with i3 Mindware training?

i3 Mindware’s 2G+ DNB brain training formula improves IQ – your general intelligence (G) and your ability to take IQ tests (such as WAIS-IV) or aptitude tests – such as university or professional entrance exams, or job aptitude tests. Increases in IQ  transfer to many areas of life –  educational and career success, income and even health measures.

From 40 sessions of training, 15 minutes per session, we guarantee a 10-20 point IQ increase on standardized IQ tests, whether self-administered or professionally administered. The terms of the guarantee can be found here.


Do I need to train with the ‘2G+’ game mode to increase IQ?

No – the guarantee applies for the following game modes: 1G, 2G, and 2G+. All use working memory gating which is the key innovation beyond the classic dual n-back.

It is better that you are motivated to complete your training program at a level that you can master, rather than automatically selecting the 2G+ game mode.


What real-world effects will I see as a result of training?

i3 training improves full-scale IQ test scores. It’s problem sets are designed specifically for that is measured on IQ test. In addition, there are multiple benefits in the real world including:

  • short term memory improvement
  • better attentional focus – and the ability to ignore distractions
  • improved multi-tasking
  • more efficient learning of new information and skills (e.g. language learning)
  • more self control – e.g. keeping emotional knee-jerk reactions in check
  • enhanced creative insight in problem solving
  • increased quantity of REM sleep – associated with memory consolidation
  • mental resilience in the face of stress and reduced anxiety


Can this training help me become a member of Mensa?

Yes. Mensans have a minimum IQ of 130 on most IQ tests. If you have an existing IQ of around 115-120, this training will greatly improve your chances of meeting the cut-off criteria to join Mensa when you take the Mensa Admission Test. More on getting into Mensa can be found here.


How do I know objectively if I’ve improved my IQ?

Your license comes with valid standardized IQ tests. These measure of your current baseline IQ and your post-training IQ level after the training.

There are also individual scientifically valid ‘spot check’ tests during training to keep track of:

  • attention flexibility
  • attention focus
  • learning ability
  • speed of processing


Are the IQ gains permanent?

The science shows that the 2G+ DNB training results in permanent neuroplasticity changes  and long-term IQ gains (review).


How credible is this training method?

The scientific basis of the 2G+ DNB training is explained here. Several decades of cognitive neuroscience research have been funnelled in its development.

It is a major advance on dual n-back training, targeting not just working memory but also executive functioning. The founder and director of IQ Mindware is Dr Mark Ashton Smith who has a cog psych and neuroscience joint PhD from the joint Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh ‘Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition‘ (CNBC) Program, and was an Assist. Professor (Lecturer) at the University of Cambridge. His grad student colleagues in the CNBC  (e.g. Dr Todd Braver, Dr Randall O’Reilly) have independently been key developers behind the main training principles that have been  incorporated into the 2G+ DNB formula. Others in the CNBC program have devoted many years of research to understanding effective brain training (e.g. Dr Jason Chein). While Dr Ashton Smith’s fellow grad students have continued their  university careers, he has branched into applying his cognitive neuroscience background to developing evidence-based interventions for health, resilience and cognitive performance.


Why i3’s 2G+ DNB rather than another brain training provider?

There are a number of reasons:

  • 2G+ DNB is an evidence-based development of the most scientifically credible  type of brain training: working memory training. This has well-established neuroplasticity benefits for IQ and memory (ref1, ref2, ref3). Research papers on working memory training interventions number in the 100s now. No other type of training has this kind of evidence-base.
  • Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D. was trained in the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition back in the late 1990s. This program was one of the founding cognitive neuroscience and computational modeling programs in the US. He  later taking up a post at the University of Cambridge. His fellow grad students have gone on to make seminal contributions in the field of intelligence and higher order cognition. The 2G+ DNB formula is a product of this scientific background.
  • i3 Mindware is a specialized app for increasing IQ – as measured on independent IQ tests. Other providers do not specialize in IQ augmentation.
  • Because of our results with 2G+ dual n-back training, we are confident in offering our IQ increase money-back guarantee. We are the only company that offers a guarantee for increasing IQ level.


What do I do in the i3 training? How long does it last?

2G+ builds on the dual n-back, while incorporating optional IQ and cognitive (e.g. attention) tests and IQ test problem sets. It is designed to be motivating and fun but  requires a 4-6 week commitment of the same level as e.g. going to the gym three times a week for 4-6 weeks. It is not like other ‘light weight’ brain training games in this respect.  For those of you who have trained with the dual n-back before, this game will be quick to master, but noticeably more challenging as you make progress.

The basic i3 training program lasts between 4-6 weeks, 15-20 minutes per day – with break days. You decide on your own schedule.

While the basic program lasts 4-6 weeks, training time is limitless if you decide you want to continue with your training.


Can I increase my IQ in less than 4 weeks?

We have found that you can gain substantially in IQ from 12 days of training up to 20 days. Some individuals have a faster learning curve, and have experienced dramatic gains in as few as 5 days of training. But the recommended duration is 4-6 weeks for all the guaranteed neuroplasticity and IQ gains.


Can I improve my IQ more than 20 points?

We have had reports of up to 30 point IQ gains, but this is very rare. Expected IQ gains are described here.


How does i3 2G+ differ from HighIQPro v6

i3 Mindware and HighIQPro v6 both share the same gated DNB core training module, as well as the HRP Lab testing app. They differ in the ‘mindware’ training they provide: i3 builds in IQ test problem sets, while HighIQPro builds in applied intelligence tutorials for strategy, decision-making, comprehension, problem solving, emotional intelligence, and so on. i3 training can be considered ‘pure’ and HighIQPro can be considered ‘applied’.


What makes the 2G+ DNB better than the classic dual n-back? What does ‘2G+’ mean?

The detailed scientific answer to this question is found here.

While the consensus is now that DNB (dual n-back) training does result in IQ gains, particularly for one factor of IQ called Gwm, the training gains are not by any means optimal.

The 2G+ DNB formula incorporates the following evidence based principles into classic DNB to optimize training gains for IQ:

  • Gamification and incentives to improve motivation and engagement. The classic DNB is boring – and completing the program is difficult.
  • Interference control training. Interference control has been shown to significantly improve attention control, compared to DNB training. And brain imaging studies shown interference control is a link between the neural circuitry the dual n-back targets and fluid reasoning circuitry.
  • Input and Output Gating. The ‘2G’ in the ‘2G+’ formula refers to the input and output gating training. Input gate training improves attention control and self-regulation, while output gate training improves reasoning, learning and problem solving – core components of IQ. Input and output gating is explained in detail here.
  • Mindware training.  IQ problems/ brainteasers are integrated into the i3 2G+  training program, carefully designed to improve your full-scale IQ test scores. They train the factors of intelligence assessed in clinical/professional full-scale IQ tests – verbal, matrices, logical reasoning, visual-spatial as well as quantitative intelligence.
  • Independent IQ tests. The 2G+ DNB formula benefits from continuous cognitive/IQ tracking (with quick scientifically valid assessments) so you can see your training gains increase over time, and spot where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This tracking greatly helps in the longer-term training process.


Do I need Internet connectivity to train with i3?

No. The training game itself does not require internet connectivity, once it is installed on your machine. However, if you opt to take the cognitive tests to track your training gains, or the IQ test problems, you will need internet connectivity at least once a day to update the backend server to enable you to keep track of your training progress. You could play offline while commuting, and then connect the app when you are back at home to update the servers as to your progress.


Can I train on my iPhone, iPad or Android device?

i3’s 2G+ DNB games are premium desktop / laptop apps. You can supplement your desktop 2G+ training with our mobile app DNB Pro if you purchase that bundle license. DNB Pro provides classic dual n-back training with interference control, as well as emotional dual n-back training. The mobile app does not incorporate input and output gating and supplementary testing and IQ problem sets – these come only with the desktop.


Is my data protected?

All your data is anonymous and secure. If you opt to take the tests, there is no record kept of your particular IQ scores or any other personal test data. Data is only used anonymously to help develop the effectiveness of the programs.


If English is not my native language, can I use this software?

The game instructions are in English, and English is required for the IQ problem sets if you choose to do the IQ test training. However the main training game requires no English understanding, other than recognizing English letter sounds in a working memory exercise. You can certainly benefit from the training if you are not an English speaker – and many have.


Can I use a credit card if I don’t have a PayPal account?

If you have access to PayPal in your country, you can pay by credit card without opening a PayPal account. Simply click on the download button.

Once you have made your purchase, the app will be delivered to you instantly for download.