What effects will I see as a result of training?

i3 Mindware combines short term / working memory training and training specific to the remaining factors of IQ – verbal, visuo-spatial, logical and quantitative intelligence. The training results in widespread cognitive benefits. These include significant and measurable increases in:

  • general intelligence and IQ scores
  • short term /working memory
  • attentional focus – and the ability to ignore distractions

In addition, users often show improvements in

  • multi-tasking
  • the capacity to learn new information and skills
  • self control
  • creative insight in problem solving
  • increased quantity of REM sleep

We provide short, valid cognitive tests for a range of abilities before and after i3 training. These optional tests give you a ‘cognitive profile’ of your overall cognitive performance, and with them you can see objectively how your cognition improves substantially over the 20 days program.

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How can the training help me?

This brain training software improves IQ – your general intelligence (G) and your ability to take IQ tests (such as WAIS-IV) or aptitude tests – such as university or professional entrance exams, or job aptitude tests.

Increases in general intelligent transfer to many dimensions of life. IQ is correlated with educational and career success, income and even health measures.

We have found that motivated students, professionals and entrepreneurs benefit most from this software, helping them attain their goals and further their achievements.

Are the IQ gains permanent?

The science shows that the n-back training results in permanent neuroplasticity changes [journal article link], and long-term IQ gains [WSJ link]. Here is one customer’s experience:

The best part about the training is that it’s permanent. After the 20 sessions you see above I did no training for a full 8 months to see if I’d forget the skill and have to start over. The results were an astounding OPPOSITE of what I expected, as if my brain had further optimized itself during the 8 months off.


How does i3’s 2G training differ from dual n-back training?

This is explained in detail here. 2G training is an n-back task based on interference control which is the critical variable linking IQ with working memory. Other dual n-back games / interventions do not incorporate interference control and for this reason, transfer to IQ is inconsistent or non-existent. 2G training also incorporates rhythm and speed training for attention, unlike dual n-back games – another critical training parameter for processing speed and flexibility.

i3 Mindware has 40 sets of IQ problems for building specific IQ test and problem solving strategies with real content.  Problem solving strategies are more effectively learned and absorbed in combination with working memory training – this is called the capacity-strategy synergy effect.

In addition, i3’s 2G training effects are tracked with valid cognitive tests, in partnership with Quantified Mind (Stanford).

How do you ensure that there are real, objective gains in IQ and that we are not just looking at a placebo effect?

As noted above, neuroplasticity changes as a result of n-back training have been clearly documented in cognitive-neuroscience labs. 2G training has an effect at a level that can be observed in our neural circuitry.

We ensure that all the tests we use are independent and standardized. Other companies such as Lumosity use their own ‘internal’ tests which means their objectivity is in question. We are using tests developed by Yoni Donner (Stanford University) and others at Quantified Mind. This is a project with the well-respected Stanford scientist Steven Kosslyn on the team, backing the validity of the tests that are used.

Moreover, practice effects on standardized IQ tests are in the region of 5 points. We guarantee a 10-20 point IQ increase on independent, standardized tests.  For the other cognitive tests, we ensure they are all practiced BEFORE the pre-testing, to minimize any residual practice effects here.

How does i3 differ from HighIQPro?

HighIQPro both use 2G n-back training and have the same guarantees. However,  i3 is designed for higher end IQs and for full-scale IQ training, HighIQPro is designed for general problem solving skills and ability, including decision-making. i3 also has integrated cognitive testing developed by Yoni Donner (Stanford) at Quantified Mind.

Can I continue training beyond the 20 days?

Yes – training with our software can be unlimited. Scientists have looked at the effects of 20 days of training, but not beyond this, and greater IQ gains are entirely possible. The 2G ‘leaderboard’ money-back guarantee applies at any time – no matter how much practice you have had in the training.

Do I have to complete all the IQ problems / brainteasers? Does it matter?

No, the brain teasers are an add-on option, and you can train with just the n-back exercise if you prefer. However, doing the brain teasers will result in substantial practice effects for IQ test questions, and result in synergistic ‘capacity-strategy’ gains in your IQ level.

What makes our software better than others in the brain training market?

All our software makes use of the only dual n-back software that has been developed by a cognitive neuroscientist led team and that replicates the single proven Jaeggi training method that increases short term memory and IQ [paper here].

But the Jaeggi dual  n-back has well-recognized limitations, both in terms of brain training and motivation. A major limitation of the original n-back algorithm is the mixed results concerning transfer of training to gains in intelligence. Our 2nd generation n-back algorithm – with interference control and speed/variability options – builds on the latest research on the variables in n-back training that specifically benefit your IQ, substantially improving on the original Jaeggi method.

In addition, the IQ questions / brainteasers that are integrated into the i3 Mindware training program have been carefully designed by psychologists and have a scientific basis. They exercise all 5 factors of your IQ – verbal/crystallized intelligence, fluid intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, processing speed and short-term/working memory. In addition they train quantitative intelligence and general intelligence.

Because of the improvements on n-back training, we can be confident in offering our IQ and memory increase money-back guarantee. We are the only company that offers a guarantee for increasing brain power.

Can I increase my IQ in less than 20 days?

We have found that you can gain substantially in IQ from 12 days of training up to 20 days. Some individuals have a faster learning curve, and have experienced dramatic gains in as few as 5 training sessions. But the normal time is 20 days for all the guaranteed gains, both in IQ and short term memory.

What do I do in the training program?

It is a streaming short-term memory task, involving keeping track of audio and visual information simultaneously.

Working memory is our ‘mental workspace’ – our short term memory for holding in mind items of information to perform a task while ignoring distractions. In the training you are exercising your working memory in a task called second generation (2G) ‘dual n-back’, building on the traditional n-back task.

In addition to the dual n-back training, after each daily session there are stimulating brain teasers that build on all five factors of your IQ – including verbal and spatial intelligence.

Is the brain training difficult? Is it fun?

i3 Mindware cannot be too difficult or too easy, regardless of your starting ability, because it adapts its difficulty level. The program continually adjusts to match your current ability level based on the feedback it gets on your performance. This ensures that the task always remains challenging and motivating. Some people think it is fun and even addictive. Others find it difficult, but rewarding. This training software results in real gains in intelligence, and results in real changes in your brain; like physical exercise, it involves a commitment, but like physical exercise, it can be a buzz – particularly if you are training with others.

The brain teasers are designed to be motivating and stimulating as well as instructive.

Can I take breaks in the 20 day training program?

You can take 2 days break for every week’s training. It doesn’t matter how these two days are spaced out.

Is i3 Mindware useful for university or professional entrance exams?

This training is highly recommended for senior high school students who are preparing for college / university entrance exams. University entrance exams – such as the SATs or GREs – are in large part IQ tests. This training is good for any exam requiring analytic problem solving skills.

If English is not my native language, can I use this software?

The training exercise has a visual and an audio component. Language is not needed for the visual component. For the audio, there are English, Italian, German and Spanish language options. There is no language comprehension required.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes. Details of this program can be found here.


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