IQ & Cognitive Profiling

Pre-Training and Post-Training IQ Tests

Prior to your i3 Mindware training you will be given a free, valid IQ test.  This test is standardized to allow you to compare your score with others in the general population. After training you will be given another valid, standardized IQ test. Comparing the two results will prove your 10-20 point IQ gain, or your money back. These tests are optional but they help you determine objectively what benefit you are getting from your training. They may also inspire you to continue to increase your IQ with additional training methods. IQ level is not fixed in stone, but can be increased substantially through training and education.

IQ bell curve scores

Additional Pre-Training and Post-Training Cognitive Tests

In addition to providing pre- and post-training IQ tests, we offer integrated pre- and post-training tests that can measure the a number of brain functions for the purposes of valid self-quantification. This gives you an overall cognitive profile with objective performance metrics that are useful and motivating to track over time.

The tests PsiProfiler includes are the following.

i3 cognitive profile

Memory & Learning

  • working memory (an important predictor of many outcomes such as educational and professional success)
  • visual short term memory
  • spatial short term memory
  • verbal learning (useful for language learning)

Attention control

  • Focus when there are distractions
  • Self-control
  • Flexibility
  • Fast decision-making
  • Multi-tasking

To ensure scientifically accurate cognitive profiling IQ Mindware has teamed up with Stanford University’s Quantified Mind. Quantified Mind is a tool that quickly, reliably, and comprehensively measures your basic cognitive abilities. Quantified Mind has adapted tests used by psychologists to a practical web application that you can use whenever, wherever, and as often as you want.

quantified mind

We have integrated selective tests from Quantified Mind into the i3 Mindware brain training application, to ensure self-quantification of relevant cognitive abilities for your IQ and cognitive performance.