Cognitive Performance Gain Guarantees

We are the only company that guarantees a 10-20 point IQ increase, and a 50% working memory increase. We provide pre- and post-training standardized, independent IQ and memory tests. If you don’t make these gains we will reimburse you immediately.

Companies with their own scoring systems for training gains may make you feel like you are making progress, but they are not measuring changes in your real IQ – or any underlying cognitive ability of importance. They lack scientific validity.

Predicted IQ increase – 20 days training

Based on the scientific research, we can predict the following IQ point gains from 20 days of i3 Mindware training on average. Higher gains are possible.

  • If you now have an IQ of 100, you will gain (on average) 15-20 IQ points, or more putting your post-training IQ at up to 120.
  • If you start with an IQ of  120-130 you will gain 10-15 points, putting your post-training IQ at over 130. You are likely to move from the top 16% of the population to the top 2% of the population – MENSA standard.

 10-20 Point IQ Increase Guarantee

We guarantee a 10-20 point IQ increase as a result of your i3 Mindware training (minimum 20 days), or your money back – immediately.

For the purposes of the guarantee, your are given access to two online culture-fair and scientifically valid IQ tests to get accurate pre and post-training measures of your IQ level. They both have good validity and provide accurate measures of your IQ level.


IQ bell curve scores

Send us screenshots of your pre- and post-training IQ test results if you did not make the promised IQ gain, and you will be reimbursed for the price of the software.

 50% Working Memory Increase Guarantee

We guarantee a 50% working memory capacity increase as a result of your i3 Mindware training (minimum 20 days), or your money back – immediately. Working memory is your ‘mental workspace’ and is like your brain’s RAM processing power (more details here).

The i3 application has a built in performance measure of your working memory that is scientifically valid. With this you can see your dramatic performance increase over time.

working memory increase graph

After you complete your 2G training program check your N-Back Performance Graph. This is a measure of your working memory capacity, and you can compare your pre- and post-training N-Back level to see if you have gained by the guaranteed 50%. If you have not, send a screenshot of your graph, and you will be reimbursed the price of the license.

Terms & Conditions for Guarantees

  • In place of the IQ tests linked to on our site, you may also use professionally administered IQ tests, provided you send documentation.
  • To be eligible for your money back for IQ or working memory it is a requirement that you have not trained with the dual n-back for more than 10 sessions.
  • Whether or not you have had previous n-back training you are eligible for the top scorer money-back/gift guarantee.
  • For the IQ and working memory guarantees you must complete your 20 day 2G training program within a maximum of 6 weeks. The guarantee does not apply to standard dual n-back training.
  • If you purchased a multi-license, we will reimburse for the cost of a single license unless more than one user has not obtained the guaranteed memory and IQ gains. In this case we will reimburse the cost of a multi-license. If only one user has made use of the multi-license, we can only reimburse the cost of the single license – and for this partial reimbursement you will need a PayPal account.

i3 Mindware: IQ Increase Training Software

Increase IQ 10-20 Points. Increase Working Memory >50% – guaranteed. Optional Cognitive Profiling for Self-Quantification. Purchase i3 Mindware v.4 Desktop here.

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